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11 of the Most Beautiful Landscape Photos in The Appalachians

Nothing can compare to the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. The stunning range is made up of 13 provinces that span the east coast of North America from Alabama all the way up through Canada. It’s impossible not to be awe-struck by the majesty of nature– even in a photograph. With summer, fall, and spring nature landscape photography, you can take home a small piece of nature and display it where you can enjoy it every day of the year. For some genuinely incredible fine art landscape photos, check out the Appalachian Mountain photos below by fine art landscape photographer Rhonda Kingen.

Return to Spring

The beginning of spring is an almost-magical time in the mountains. Return to Spring overlooks a vista of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains just as the first few glimpses of spring foliage begin to appear. Fluffy white clouds fill the sky above a mountain range that seems to extend forever. Pops of green trees stand out among the orange and brown foliage, signaling the start of the season. 


No two sunsets are alike, but each is a remarkable sight to behold. In Ablaze, it seems like everything aligned just right so the fine art landscape photographer could capture this amazing scene. The photo depicts a stunning sunset that fills the skies with fiery pinks, reds, and oranges just as the sun disappears over a distant peak. This gorgeous sunset perfectly punctuates the end of a glorious summer day in the Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian Mountains. 


There is always sunshine after the rain; Radiance captures this precise moment after a summer afternoon rainstorm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This gorgeous photo shows rays of light shining out from between storm clouds onto the lush, green valley below. The result is the striking image of a moment of peace after a storm. This fine art photo will go with almost any decor style with its contrasting shades of deep grayish blue, bright white, and vibrant green. 

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset truly captures the essence of the Appalachian Mountains in a single frame. The sun sets in the distance over a mountain top as the sky slowly fades from golden peach to deep blue. In the foreground, you get a glimpse of the beautiful flora that’s local to the Blue Ridge Mountains. These flowers add gentle hints of yellow and lilac, complementing the yellow and pink of the sunset in the background. The photo shows a peaceful moment of beauty and bliss that you will feel every time you look at this piece. 

Smoky Mountain High

Moody and dramatic, Smoky Mountain High gives you a rare view of the mountain range. Smoke-like fog rises from around the trees, enveloping the landscape to create an eerie and atmospheric scene. The sun sets in the background, surrounded by gray stormy clouds, creating a subdued psychedelic effect. The fine art landscape photographer snapped the shot at Clingmans Dome, the 6,643-foot observation area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Forever Autumn

The beauty of fall is on full display in Forever Autumn. Looking out over the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can see every gorgeous shade that autumn has to offer, from crimson red to bright orange to golden yellow. The vibrant hues seemingly blend together, creating a sight even more beautiful, especially when contrasted with the bright green leaves in the foreground. The sunlight shining through the clouds highlights the colors of the treetops. All in all, it makes this a stunning sight. 

The Rock

Spring nature landscape photography prompts feelings of peace and contentment the moment you first see it. The Rock depicts a bucolic scene as early morning rays of light shine upon the newly blossomed foliage of the Pisgah National Forest. The show centers on Looking Glass Rock, a white-granite pluton that extends nearly 4,000 feet about the forest floor. Though the sky is littered with gray rain clouds, sunshine still flows through to highlight the stunning structure of the rockface and the vibrant colors of the trees below.

The Color of Summer

The Color of Summer is an award-winning shot of a pastel sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Summertime storm clouds lurk overhead, adding drama to the vista and threatening to soak the forest below. They provide the perfect framing for the scene, transforming from gray to pink, orange, and blue as the rainbow light of the sunset reflects off of them to create this spectacular sight.

Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall provides a closer look at the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. The photo shows a small waterfall tucked away deep within the mountains in Brevard, North Carolina, also known as “The Land of Waterfalls.” After visiting some of the more well-known falls in the area, the photographer stumbled upon this intimate scene. The light reflects through the trees to showcase the beautiful colors of the season and give the entire setting a glorious golden hue. 

Springtime Promises

After a long, dreary winter, the landscape comes alive with color as spring spreads new beginnings throughout the land. In Springtime Promises, new life is just starting to shine through in the Smoky Mountains. Beyond the layers of storm clouds, the pale light of the morning sun fills the sky and highlights the distant peaks of the incredible mountain range.

Ethereal Blue

Ethereal Blue showcases a dramatic sky above the rolling hills of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Otherworldly light shines through the heavy layer of dark clouds. The peach and beige of the sky and foliage contrast with the deep green of the trees and the dark blue of the mountains and clouds. The result is a striking yet graceful shot of Morton Overlook. 


The Appalachian Mountain Range is a stunning reminder of everything the natural world has to offer, with gorgeous sights, incredible foliage, and some of the most awe-inspiring sunsets you’ve ever seen. With these mountain landscape photos, you can bring some of the beauty of the Appalachians into your home. You can view all of Rhonda Kingen’s autumn, summer, and spring nature landscape photography here.