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Calming Seaside Photos to Bring You Into a State of Serenity

Sea photography has the unique ability to transport you to another place. Just looking at a gorgeous photo of the coastline can make you feel like you’re really there, spending a peaceful day on the beach. And when you hang this evocative artwork on your wall, it can serve as a daily reminder of those relaxing memories. Check out these stunning seascape photos by Rhonda Kingen that can transform your home into a relaxing oasis. 

Seaside Solitude

There’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise at the beach. Seaside Solitude depicts a whimsical, peach-colored cloud floating above the shoreline, the light from the rising sun reflecting off the white of the cloud. Rhonda Kingen snapped the gorgeous pic while taking a solo morning seaside stroll on a beach in Tybee Island, Georgia. 

The Guiding Light

The Guiding Light captures New England’s beauty at its best. The photo shows the Portland Headlight, a quintessential piece of Maine history that has stood on the coastline of Cape Elizabeth since the late 1700s. In this piece of art, the lighthouse offers a bright spot on an otherwise gray and gloomy autumn morning.


With an almost endless pier, a cotton candy-colored sky, and a glorious sunrise-- Awakening is a truly amazing piece of fine art nature photography. The sunlight reflected on the gentle waves produces an almost mesmerizing effect as it captures a truly spectacular scene at Folly Beach Pier in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Safe Harbor

While a storm may be brewing in the background of this stunning work of seaside photography, the Portland Headlight will always shine a path forward. Safe Harbor depicts a beautiful lighthouse resting along the rocky coastline of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. You can see the golden light of the sunrise reflecting in the windows of the lighthouse, making it appear as though someone is stirring in the uninhabited lighthouse. The effect is a truly magical scene. 


Moody and atmospheric, Adrift will make you feel a sense of melancholic serenity. The photo was taken in the aptly named “Boneyard,” a forgotten beach on Edisto Island in South Carolina. Ancient oak trees populate the remote and desolate landscape, though all that remains now are the bare, sea-stripped branches shown in the photograph. 

Ribbons in the Sky

Rhonda Kingen captures a beautiful, picturesque visa on Cape Hatteras National Seashore in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Ribbon-like clouds stream through the sky above a gorgeous marsh and the Bodie Island Lighthouse. The sunrise scene shown in Ribbons in the Sky features gentle autumnal hues that will provide a nice pop of color to any room where the photo is hung. 

You don’t need to go to the beach to experience the peacefulness of the ocean. Sea photography can make any room in your home feel more serene than ever before. Any one of these gorgeous pieces of creative nature & outdoor photography would look amazing in your home. Visit Rhonda Kingen Photography to shop for these and the other incredible fine art nature photographs.