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Finding the Perfect Landscape Photo for Your Home Interior

Creative nature & outdoor photography can be a fantastic addition to any room in your home. It can enhance the visual appeal of your space and serve as a reminder of the peace and beauty of nature. But choosing a landscape photo that you love and that will look amazing in your room can be a challenge. There’s a lot more to keep in mind than simply hanging up the prettiest wall art. Use these tips to select the best piece of fine art nature photography for your home.

Stick With your Design Aesthetic

Any time you’re searching for new wall art, the first step is to assess your existing space. Is there a specific design style you were trying to emulate? Or is the room more an eclectic hodge-podge of items you’ve collected and loved over the years? Both decorating methods are equally valid, but they may change how you search for creative nature & outdoor photography.

For rooms without a set aesthetic, you can choose any photo you love to mount in an open space on your wall. If you’re trying to match a defined interior design style, finding fine art nature photography becomes a little more challenging. Consider the essential elements of the aesthetic when browsing artwork, and choose the piece that best fits the style. For example, if your room has a farmhouse or cottagecore style, you may want to choose something like Grace by fine art landscape photographer Rhonda Kingen. Or, decorate with an abstract piece like Blurred Lines if you prefer a modern or contemporary style.

Match the Color Scheme

In addition to the design style, you should also take the room’s color palette into account when choosing wall art. Typically, interior design color schemes include three colors:

  • Primary color: takes up 60% of the room, usually a neutral or more subdued hue

  • Secondary color: takes up 30% of the space, bolder color but not overwhelming

  • Accent color: takes up 10% of the room, boldest color

Your room will more than likely contain more than just these three colors. However, the others hues in the space should complement and match your set color scheme if you want to create a cohesive look. Identify the color palette of the room you’re decorating and search for a photo that uses similar or matching shades. 

Consider the Placement and Size

Next, think about where you want to hang your new wall art and what size you’d like it to be. Do you have ample, blank space, or are you trying to fill a spot on your gallery wall? If you have a completely empty wall, consider hanging a large photo and turning your art into a focal point in the room. Even if you don’t have a lot of free space, you can still make your creative nature & outdoor photography stand out with a gorgeous frame and the right complementary wall decor.

Listen to your Heart

What’s the most important thing to remember when looking for fine art nature photography? Pick something you love! Regardless of your design aesthetic or color scheme, your wall art should be meaningful and beautiful to you. Value your personal taste above all else to find a piece of art that you’ll adore looking at every day.


Shopping for new fine art nature photography should be fun and exciting. Think about the room’s design aesthetic, the color scheme, your personal taste, and the available wall space when searching for art. With the tips above, you can take all the stress out of choosing the best wall art for your room. Are you ready to start searching for some new wall art? Check out the beautiful work of fine art landscape photographer Rhonda Kingen and find the perfect landscape photo for your home.